Cause you know what? Tragedies happen. What are you gonna do? Give up? Quit? No. Just because you get rid of a problem don't mean that you have given up. NO! You're clever and you know that if you solve this problem you'll be hurted. And you don't want it. Even if there're some happy moments, at the end you'll be hurted. And you don't want it. So, you get rid of a problem, you stop it, and everyone continue with their life. Being happy without each other. Relationship always have an end. And you have to know when it's end. I know that our end is approaching, if you wanna continue, you can't. Because I don't want being anymore with you. Anymore with you in that way. 
Sure! We can be friends, but after a time. When we have already assimiled that we are friends. We're not going out. Just being friends. Only friends.

I realize now that when your heart breaks you gotta fight like hell to make sure you're still alive. Because you are... and that pain you feel, it's life. And if you wanna smile, do it. If you wanna cry, do it. Do whatever your heart says, not your mind. 


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  1. quines fotos mes guaaais Claudieta! :)
    si que ens hem de veure i fer una xerradeta i, sobretot, menjar un KINDER BUENO! jajja
    un petonaaas preciosa

  2. :)) Gràcies carinyuuuu !!
    oitan oitan que ens hem de veure eh!!! KINDER BUENO FOREVER & EVER!!!!!!!
    aish, quines ganes que en tinc !! :))
    un petó guapa!