how to feel free

1) Be aware of your response to life (thought, feeling, action). If you control them and stop controlling others, you will more easily express your true and beautiful self and feel more free. For example, if someone says: you are stupid, don't be angry (angry means to insult back to them, or to fight to them, ...) It's his/her opinion, it may be right, but may also be wrong, just relax: okay, it's your opinion, you don't need to let it affect you, you have the power to choose the way you are! 

2) Talk to your parents about most of your problems. Don't hide anything. This will not only make you feel better, it'd help you feel like you're not in another world. Don't lie!

3) Spend some time outside or with your friends; maybe playing a sport, going to watch a movie, doing something creative, helping out with society, etc. Don't stay inside all day with electronics: staring at your computer (playing runescape, going on myspace, facebook, hi5, etc.), watching T.V., playing xbox, or just anything else none physical. Go out and enjoy Mother Nature as much as you can!

4)Spend time with your family and talk to them. Show some love. Call your friends, be there for them. Play with your pets, show them how much you care! It's never a bad thing to give happiness to another living soul.

5) Participate with extra activities to make friends. Help out at an animal shelter, help out with charity, ask for work from a friendly neighbor, know the people around you!

6) Be with your friends even MORE often. Ride your bike around your neighborhood or just play around at the mall, walk at the park. Do things that suit you and your pals.

7) Do what you like to do. Maybe shopping, going to the movies, baseball games, playing a sport, water parks, etc.8

8) Refresh yourself by washing your face, taking showers and baths, or evenjumping into a pool!

9) Stop your desires of eating the wrong foods. Eat right! Don't eat out a lot, and maybe help your parents by cooking, or simply helping out in the kitchen. For a snack that is easy and refreshing have a plate of fruits, ham or turkey, crackers, carrots, cucumbers, etc. together with water or juice. It's easy to prepare and good to eat, as well as have the benefits of help make you healthy.

10) Laugh a lot and spread your love. Appreciate what you have in life!

11) Don't worry, be happy. As Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry, be happy" song lyrics stated, "in this life we have some troubles, but if you worry you make it double, so don't worry."

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